TEDx Oronoco Bay Park, Alexandria, VA. Saturday 5th October.

I was privileged to coach two fantastic speakers for their TEDx talks for the inaugural TEDx Oronoco Bay Park in Alexandria, Virginia.

Dr Hilary Stires is a trained breast cancer research scientist and now works in healthcare policy. She is passionate about patient advocacy and connecting researchers and patient/survivor advocates. Her TEDx talk focused on these topics, as well as some personal stories and inspiration.

Prof Michael Kramp is a lecturer and researcher specializing in 19th century British literature and critical theory at Lehigh University in Pennsylvania. Michael’s talk focused on the epidemic of toxic masculinity and possible solutions to this.

Another highlight was the first talk from Dr Catherine Young, a friend and TED fellow family member who talked about information processing, neuroscience and fact-checking to create an insightful TEDx talk! The third picture shows both of us and Dr Kaitlyn Sadtler, another of the speaker coaches whose mentees did a fantastic job also!

All of them delivered thought-provoking and inspiring talks and I will update this post with links to all of their fantastic talks as soon as they are live.